Two Little Pigs by Unknown Author Animal poem

Two little pigs were in a pen;
One little pig ran away and then
Then there was only one!
One little pig to stay at home
One little pig that loved to roam—
Over the fields to run.

Both pig's tails were curled up tight,
One to the left, and one to the right;
Two little pigs in a pen!
Some of the time they would take their ease,
Up in a corner as snug as you please.
You should have seen them then.

One little pig that ran away—
The one with his tail to the left, they say—
Knew well it was not right
To go so far. He could not be found
Though his master searched the woods around;
And so he was out all night.

But when that pig came back—Oh! then
He wished that he had not left the pen.
How sorry he did feel!
For the master tied the naughty pig's leg,
With a good stout rope, to a good stout peg!
Oh! you should have heard him squeal.