Poems by Laura E. Richards for children

Poems by Laura E. Richards for children

In My Nursery A Book of Verse by Laura E. Richards

Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards

American writer. She wrote more than 90 books including biographies, poetry, and several for children.

Laura Elizabeth Howe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 27, 1850. Her father was Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, an abolitionist and the founder of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind. She was named after his famous deaf-blind pupil Laura Bridgman. Her mother Julia Ward Howe wrote the words to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

In 1871 Laura married Henry Richards. He would accept a management position in 1876 at his family's paper mill at Gardiner, Maine, where the couple moved with their three children. In 1917 Laura won a Pulitzer Prize for Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910, a biography, which she co-authored with her sisters, Maud Howe Elliott and Florence Hall.

She died on January 14, 1943.


In My Nursery

The Baby's Future

Baby's Hand

The First Tooth

Johnny's By-low Song

Baby's Valentine

The Rain

The Ballad of the Fairy Spoon

Song of the Little Winds

Good-night Song

Another "Good-night."

"A Bee Came Tumbling"


Little Old Baby

Baby's Journey

The Bumblebee

The Owl and the Eel and the Warming-pan

Young (One)'s Night Thoughts

Little Sunbeam

Baby's Belongings

Infantry Tactics

Baby Bo

The Difference

Little John Bottlejohn

Jemima Brown

Alice's Supper


Bobbily Boo And Wollypotump


Little Brown Bobby

Phil's Secret

A Song For Hal

The Fairies

The Queen Of The Orkney Islands

Baby's Ways

Pot and Kettle

Punkydoodle and Jollapin

Mrs. Snipkin and Mrs. Wobblechin

My Sunbeams

In The Closet





Belinda Blonde

Tommy's Dream; or, the Geography Demon

Polly's Year

What The Robins Sing In The Morning

The Eve Of The Glorious Fourth

The Dandy Cat

A Party

Jumbo Jee

An Indian Ballad

The Egg



Nonsense Verses

An Old Rat's Tale

To The Little Girl Who Wriggles

The Forty Little Ducklings

The Mouse

A Valentine

Jamie In The Garden

Somebody's Boy (Not Mine)


The Mermaiden

The Phrisky Phrog

The Ambitious Chicken

The Boy and The Brook

The Shark

The Easter Hen

Pump and Planet

The Postman

Hopsy Upsy

Little Black Monkey

Jippy and Jimmy

Master Jack's Song

Mother Rosebush

The Five Little Princesses

The Hornet and the Bee

The Three little Chickens who went out to Tea, and the Elephant

A Legend of Lake Okeefinokee

Grandpapa's Valentine


The Three Fishers


May Song

Two Little Valentines

A Howl about An Owl

Our Celebration

The Song of the Corn-popper

What Bobby Said

Master Jack's Views

Emily Jane

Song of the Mother Whose Children Are Fond Of Drawing

The Seven Little Tigers and the Aged Cook


The Wedding

Swing Song

The Little Cossack

What A Very Rude Little Bird Said To Johnny This Morning

The Monkeys and the Crocodile

Painted Ladie

Some Fishy Nonsense

Lady's Slipper

A Little Song to Sing to a Little Maid in A Swing

Betty in Blossom-time

Betty's Song

A Nonsense Tragedy

From New York To Boston

Sandy Godolphin

My Clock

My Uncle Jehoshaphat

Rosy Posy

Sick-room Fancies

Marjorie's Knitting

He and his Family



Jacky Frost


Grandfather Dear

Gathering Apples

The Ballad of the Beach

The Boots of a Household

The Palace

Bunker Hill Monument

Gregory Griggs

A Nursery Tragedy