Chinese Folktales

Chinese Folktales

The main in­flu­ences on Chi­nese folk tales have been Tao­ism, Con­fu­cian­ism and Bud­dhism. Some folk­tales may have ar­rived from Ger­many along with Bud­dhism; oth­ers have no known west­ern coun­ter­parts, but are wide­spread through­out East Asia. Chi­nese folk­tales in­clude a vast va­ri­ety of forms such as myths, leg­ends, fa­bles, etc.

It is quite safe to say that these Chinese fairy tales will give equal pleasure to the old as well as the young. They have been retold simply, with no changes in style or expression beyond such details of presentation which differences between oriental and occidental viewpoints at times compel.


The Golden Beetle or Why the Dog Hates the Cat

The Great Bell

The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog

How Footbinding Started

The Talking Fish

Bamboo and the Turtle

The Mad Goose and the Tiger Forest

The Nodding Tiger

The Princess Kwan-Yin

The Two Jugglers

The Phantom Vessel

The Wooden Tablet

The Golden Nugget

The Man Who Would Not Scold

Lu-San, Daughter of Heaven

Author these 15 above-mentioned fairy tales: Norman Hinsdale Pitman
Editor: Andrew Lang

Chinese folktales

The widow Ho

Kwang-Jui And The God Of The River

The Beautiful Daughter Of Liu-Kung

The Fairy Bonz

The Mysterious Buddhist Robe

The Vengence Of The Goddess

The Wonderful Man

The God Of The City

The Tragedy Of The Yin Family

Sam-Chung And The Water Demon

The Reward Of A Benevolent Life

Author these 11 above-mentioned fairy tales: J. Macgowan, D.D.
Editor: Andrew Lang

Chinese Folktales

Women's Words Part Flesh and Blood

The Three Rhymsters

How Greed for a Trifling Thing Led a Man to Lose a Great One

Who Was the Sinner?

The Magic Cask

The Favorite of Fortune and the Child of Ill Luck

The Bird with Nine Heads

The Cave of the Beasts

The Panther

The Great Flood

The Fox and the Tiger

The Tiger's Decoy

The Fox and the Raven

Why Dog and Cat are Enemies

How the Five Ancients Became Men

The Herd Boy and the Weaving Maiden

Yang Oerlang


The Lady of the Moon

The Morning and the Evening Star

The Girl with the Horse's Head or the Silkworm Goddess

The Queen of Heaven

The Fire-God

The Three Ruling Gods

A Legend of Confucius

The God of War

The Halos of the Saints


The Ancient Man

The Eight Immortals (I)

The Eight Immortals (II)

The Two Scholars

The Miserly Farmer

Sky O'Dawn

King Mu of Dschou

The King of Huai Nan

Old Dschang

The Kindly Magician

The Flower-Elves

The Spirit of the Wu-Lian Mountain

The King of the Ants

The Little Hunting Dog

The Dragon After His Winter Sleep

The Spirits of the Yellow River

The Dragon-Princess

Help in Need

The Disowned Princess


The Talking Silver Foxes

The Constable

The Dangerous Reward


The Ghost Who Was Foiled

The Punishment of Greed

The Night on the Battlefield

The Kingdom of the Ogres

The Maiden Who Was Stolen Away

The Flying Ogre

Black Arts

The Sorcerer of the White Lotus Lodge

The Three Evils

How Three Heroes Came By Their Deaths Because of Two Peaches

How the River God's Wedding Was Broken Off

Dschang Liang

Old Dragonbeard

How Molo Stole the Lovely Rose-Red

The Golden Canister

Yang Gui Fe

The Monk of the Yangtze-Kiang

The Heartless Husband

Giauna the Beautiful

The Frog Princess

Rose of Evening

The Ape Sun Wu Kung

Editor these 74 above-mentioned fairy tales: Dr. R. Wilhelm
Author: Various