French folktales

french folktales

Several beloved fairy tale and folklore authors originated in France, and gave the world characters we still love today. Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots, among others, leap from the pages into the public consciousness. French fairy tales and folk tales were some of the first oral stories to be collected and written down. Charles Perrault, a writer of fairy tales and folklore, was known to have collected nearly all of his tales from folk storytellers, then rewrite them for the upper-class, who were hungry for stories. Like those he inspired, he would use the tales as moral stories for the young and old.

Unlike other folk tale types, French literary fairy tales were viewed as art by the upper class, and were popular in Louis XIV’s court, who encouraged Charles Perrault to write these tales extensively. The King wanted the world to see the intellectual culture of the people of France. The stories have characteristics such as the inclusion of fairies (hence the name given to the genre), as well as plenty of magic, dark and mystical elements. Heroes would encounter the dead and might be transformed into an animal or witness the transformation of another.

French folktales


Blondine, Bonne-Biche, Beau-Minon (consists of 10 parts)


2.Blondine Lost

3.The Forest of Lilacs

4.Blondine's Awakening—Beau-Minon


6.Blondine's Second Awakening

7.The Parrot


9.The Tortoise

10.The Journey and Arrival

Gool little Henry (consists of 7 parts)

1.The Poor Sick Mother

2.The Crow, the Cock, and the Frog

3.The Harvest

4.The Vintage

5.The Chase

6.The Fishing

7.The Plant of Life

Princess Rosette (consists of 5 parts)

1.The Farm

2.Rosette at the Court of the King Her Father

3.Family Council

4.Second Day of the Festival

5.Third and Last Day of the Festival

The little grey mouse (consists of 5 parts)

1.The Little House

2.The Fairy Detestable

3.The Prince Gracious

4.The Tree in the Rotunda

5.The Casket

Ourson (consists of 13 parts)

1.The Lark and the Toad

2.Birth and Infancy of Ourson


4.The Dream

5.The Toad Again

6.Violette's Sacrifice

7.The Wild Boar

8.The Conflagration

9.The Well

10.The Farm—The Castle—The Forge

11.The Sacrifice

12.The Combat

13.The Recompense

 French folktales

Little Golden Hood

The Piper

The Cock's Wife

Buckwheat Cakes

The Enchanted Watch

The Castle of the Sun

The Submerged City

The Glover

The Green Serpent

Toads and Diamonds

The Hunchback and His Two Brothers

The Youth Who Did Not Know

The Two Soldiers

The Peasant and the Wolf

Fortunate Cricket

french folktales

The Snake, the Fox and the Man

Wise Grandchildren

The Two Brothers

The Merchant and his Home

The Amazing Old Mower

The Three Spinning Women

Beanstalk Climbing

Lyon and the Princess of Austria

The Skills of Count Bérenger

The Chickens


Skilful John

The Ship that Sailed on Land

The Six Companions

The Wolf and the Kids

The Wheat-Beater

The Rooster and His Companions

french folktales

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