Smoky The Cowhorse by Will James

Smoky The Cowhorse by Will James

Smoky knows only one way of life: freedom. Living on the open range, he is free to go where he wants and do what he wants. And being a smart colt, he learns what he must in order to survive. He can beat any enemy whether it be a rattlesnake or a hungry wolf. He is as much a part of the Wild West as it is of him, and Smokey can't imagine anything else.
But then he comes across a new enemy, one that walks on two legs and makes funny sounds. Smoky can't beat this enemy like he has all the others. But does he really want to beat it? Or could giving up some of his freedom mean getting something else in return that's even more valuable?



Chapter 1 A Range Colt

Chapter 2 Smoky Meets the Human

Chapter 3 Where the Trails Fork

Chapter 4 The End of a Rope

Chapter 5 The Bronc Twister Steps Up

Chapter 6 “The Squeak of Leather”

Chapter 7 Smoky Shows His Feelings

Chapter 8 Smoky Starts Out

Chapter 9 Fights for Rights

Chapter 10 “Amongst the Missing”

Chapter 11 “The Feel of a Strange Hand”

Chapter 12 “When the Good Leaves”

Chapter 13 “A Many-Men Horse”

Chapter 14 “Dark Clouds, Then Tall Grass”