Fairy poems

Fairy poems


Fairy Town by Carolyn Wells

A Serious Question by Carolyn Wells

The Fairies by William Allingham

Fairy King by William Allingham

The Elf Singing by William Allingham

Chorus of the Fairies by William Allingham

Spring Time by Dolly Radford

Sea Fairies by Eileen Mathias

Little Men by Flora Fearne

What Bertie Saw in the Flowers by L.G.R.

Fairyland Secret Service by Carolyn Wells

Fairy Days by William Makepeace Thackeray

The Elf and the Doremouse by Oliver Herford

Fairy Song by Thomas Randolph

The Fairy Thrall by Mary C. G. Byron

Of Certain Irish Fairies by Arthur Guiterman

The Fairy Book by Abbie Farwell Brown

If I Were a Fairy by Charles Buxton Going

Fairy Songs by William Shakespeare

The Fairy Book by Norman Gale

Fairy poems

The Satyrs and the Moon by Herbert S. Gorman

The Fairies of the Caldon Low by Mary Howitt

Queen Mab by Thomas Hood

Dream Song by Richard Middleton

The Little Elf by John Kendrick Bangs

The Fairy Folk by Robert Bird

Fairy Song by John Keats

Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their Heads by Thomas Haynes Bayly

In Fairyland by Joyce Kilmer

Catching Fairies by William Cory

I'd Love to be a Fairy's Child by Robert Graves

The Lonesomest Fairy by Mary Carolyn Davies

Dryad by Mary Carolyn Davies

As You Would Be Done by Mary Carolyn Davies

The Fairies Dancing by Walter de la Mare

Dream Song by Walter de la Mare

The Horn by Walter de la Mare

Sleepyhead by Walter de la Mare

Happy, Happy It Is To Be by Walter de la Mare

The Dwarf by Walter de la Mare

Fairy poems

The Truants by Walter de la Mare

Ballad of the Fairy Spoon by Laura E. Richards

Fairies by Laura E. Richards

Cobwebs by Amos R. Wells

Plumpuppets by Christopher Morley

A Fairy In Armor Joseph Rodman Drake

The Fairies' Shopping by Margaret Deland

The Child and the Fairies by Unknown Author

The Last Voyage of the Fairies by W.H. Davenport

The Fairy Goldsmith by Elinor Wylie

Ghost Fairies by Frank Dempster Sherman

The Waterfall by Frank Dempster Sherman

Fairies by Evelyn Stein

Fairy Ring by Evelyn Stein

Good-Humor by Unknown Author

Lurlaline by Unknown Author

Dragon of the Black Pool a Chinese Poem

Ring-A-Ring O' Fairies by Mary Nightingale

The Mermaid by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Fairy poems

Found In The Woods by Irene F. Pawsey

Surf Sprite by Samuel Goodrich

Did You Ever See? by Evaleen Stein

The Picture-Book Giant by Evaleen Stein

What If by Evaleen Stein

Fairies by Eleanor Farjeon

An Explanation of the Grasshopper by Vachel Lindsay