L. T. Meade — Stories for children and teenagers

L. T. Meade — stories for children

Elizabeth Thomasina Meade (1844–1914)
Better known as L. T. Meade.
Mrs. L.T. Meade, was a prolific children's author of Anglo Irish extraction.The author of close to 300 books, Meade wrote in many genres, but is best known for her girls' school stories. She was one of the editors of the girls' magazine, Atalanta.

Table of Content

A Very Naughty Girl

The Little Princess of Tower Hill

A World of Girls: The Story of a School

Girls of the True Blue

Daddy's Girl

The Rebel of the School

A Girl in Ten Thousand

Red Rose and Tiger Lily or In a Wider World

Girls of the Forest

The Palace Beautiful: A Story for Girls

A Bunch of Cherries: A Story of Cherry Court School

The Lady of the Forest: A Story for Girls

A Modern Tomboy: A Story for Girls

Three Girls from School

A Bevy of Girls

Wild Kitty

The Squire's Little Girl

The Little School-Mothers

A Sweet Girl Graduate

A Girl of High Adventure

Betty Vivian: A Story of Haddo Court School

Polly: A New-Fashioned Girl

The Children's Pilgrimage

The Children of Wilton Chase

The School Queens

Sue, A Little Heroine

Jill: A Flower Girl

Billy Andersen and His Troubles

Tom, Pepper, and Trusty

The Old Organ-Man