Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

Table of Content

Elfin Jack, the Giant-killer

The Mayor of Scuttleton

"Bye, Baby, Night is Come"


Christmas Bells

My Laddie


Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

Garden Songs

Little Green Hummer

Gluck! Gluck!

Good Mistress Sundial

Old Bum of Bumbleby

Little Polly always Clever

Lift up your Face, Little Daisy!

I know where there's a Beautiful Shoe

The Ants


Ho, Dandelion! My Lightsome Fellow!

Song of Summer

Little Beginnings

Johnny the Stout

A Farmer in Bungleton had a Colt

The Drinking-Pan

Stocking Song on Christmas Eve

In Trust

A Song of St. Nicholas


Rhymes by Mary Mapes Dodge

The Little Mother

Among the Animals

The Little Girl who wouldn't eat Crusts

Poor Little Toddlekins

Song of the Ducks

That's What We'd Do

An April Maiden

Wake up, Birdie!

The Difference (Three Old Ladies)

Billy Boy

Shepherd John

Baby in Dreamland


One and One

Willie's Lodger

Good Morning!

Lady Bird and Daddy Longlegs

Nell and Her Bird

The New Slate

Little Pot soon hot

Nell's Notions

A Stranger in the Pew

The Queen o' May

Pussy's Class

Wandering Joe

In the Wood

Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge

Comb Music


The Dainty Miss Rose

Waiting for Father

Halloo, Old Scuttle, Where's your Coal?

Oh, No!

The Sandman

Trouble in the Greenhouse

Ten Kinds

Fairy Tales


The Little Mote

The Alphabet

The Cook's Little Boy


Three Ways

What they Say

How many Things in My Pocket?

Rhymes by Mary Mapes Dodge

The Gallant Outriders

Dobbin's Friend

The Way to Do it

Willy and His Pipe

Be Careful

Farm Lessons

Out of the Ground

Poor Crow!

The Wooden Horse

Taking Time to Grow

The Naughty Boy

The Frog who wouldn't a Wooing Go

The Stubborn Boot

A Birthday

The Frost King

After the winter

Little Whimpy

Jamie's Troubles

Doggie's Tricks