English folktales

 English folk tales

England has been the birthplace of many of the most well-known children’s stories including Jack and the Beanstalk and Tom Thumb- the little boy no bigger than his father’s thumb. Similar to other European countries, the English fairy tale tradition emerged from those folklore stories that are believed to have originated in the British Isles. This folklore developed over centuries through the storytelling tradition and is unique given the distinct culture and identity of the land’s various regions. As such, England’s fairy tale and folklore tradition has strong connections to Celtic, Germanic and Christian sources.


Tom Tit Tot

The three sillies

The Rose-tree

The old woman and her pig

How Jack went to seek his fortune

Mr. Vinegar

Nix Nought Nothing

Jack Hannaford


Mouse and Mouser



Jack and the beanstalk

The story of the three little pigs

The master and his pupil

Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse

Jack and his golden snuff-box

The story of the three bears

Jack the giant-killer


Childe Rowand

Molly Whoppie

The Red Ettin

The golden arm

The history of Tom Thumb

Mr. Fox

Lazy Jack


Earl Mar's daughter

Mr. Miacca

Whittington and his cat

The strange visitor

The laidly worm of Spindleston Heugh

The cat and the mouse

The fish and the ring

The magpie's nest

Kate Crackernuts

The Cauld Lad of Hilton

The ass, the table and the stick

Fairy onitment

The well of the world's end

Master of all masters

The three heads of the well

The Pied Piper


The Golden Ball

My Own Self

Black Bull of Norroway

Yallery Brown

Three Feathers

Sir Gammer Vans

Tom Hickathrift

The Hedley Kow

Gobborn Seer



The Wee Bannock

Johnny Glokes

Coat o' Clay

The Three Cows

The Blinded Giant


The Pedlar of Swaffham

The Old Witch

The Three Wishes

The Buried Moon

A Son of Adam

The Children in the Wood

The Hobyahs

A Pottle o' Brains

The King of England and His Three Sons

King John and the Abbot of Canterbury

Rushen Coatie

The King o' the Cats


The Stars in the Sky


Puddock, Mousie, and Ratton

The Little Bull-Calf

The Wee, Wee Mannie

Habetrot and Scantlie Mab

Old Mother Wiggle-Waggle


Stupid's Cries

The Lambton Worm

The Wise Men of Gotham

Princess of Canterbury


Author of all fairy tales Joseph Jacobs