Polish folktales

Polish folktales

Polish folktale come from a far past and may even date from primitive Aryan times. They represent the folklore current among the peasantry of the Eastern provinces of Poland, and also in those provinces usually known as White Russia.
The obvious likenesses between these and the folklore of Germany, the Celtic nations, or to the Indian fairy-tales, will strike every reader.

Sometimes cheerful and sometimes dark, Polish fairy tales are complex and intriguing. Full of symbolism and hard lessons, the beautiful and good still always win in the end. Find countless stories of wicked stepmothers, witches and terrifying dwarfs intertwined with rich poetry and beautiful prayers lifted from the lips of beautiful princesses.


The frog princess

Princess Miranda and prince Hero

The eagles

The whirlwind

The good ferryman and the water nymphs

The princess of the brazen mountain

The bear in the forest hut

Prince Kindhearted

Author: A. J. Glinski
Translator: Maude Ashurst Biggs