Old Indian Legends Native American

Old Indian Legends

Early in the twentieth century, a Sioux woman named Zitkala-Ša published these fourteen Native legends that she had learned during her own childhood on the Yankton Reservation. Her writing talent, developed during her education back east, was put to good use in recording from oral tradition the exploits of Iktomi the trickster, Eya the glutton, the Dragon Fly, and other magical and mysterious figures, human and animal, known to the Sioux. Until her death in 1938, Zitkala-Ša stood between two cultures as preserver and translator.

Old Indian Legends


The Badger and the Bear

Dance in a Buffalo Skull

Iktomi and the Duck

Iktomi's Blanket

Iktomi and the Muskrat

Iktomi and the Coyote

Iktomi and the Fawn

Iktomi and the Turtle

Iya, the Camp-Eater

Manstin, the Rabbit

Shooting of the Red Eagle

The Tree-Bound

The Toad and the Boy

The Warlike Seven