The Amphibian Man by Alexander Belyaev

The Amphibian Man by Alexander Belyaev

Alexander Belyaev is one of the founders of Russian science fiction literature and the first of the Soviet writers to devote himself entirely to this genre. In all, he has written more than 70 science fiction works, including 17 novels. For a significant contribution to Russian fiction and his visionary ideas, Belyaev is often called the "Russian Jules Verne."The Amphibian Man is a science fiction novel written in 1927 and first published in 1928. Fishermen and pirates of Buenos Aires are frightened – a mysterious "sea devil" appeared in the sea. However, a cold-blooded businessman Pedro Zurita, the owner of the crew of pearl-divers, decides to catch the mysterious creature and adapt it to his business. This creature with both lungs and gills of a shark is actually a young man named Ichthyander, the result of Doctor Salvator's bold experiments with organ transplantation. One day, Ichthyander rescues a girl drowning in the sea – Gutierrez, the adoptive daughter of Baltasar, one of Zurita's assistants…

Table of Content

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Part I

“The sea-devil”

Riding a dolphin

Zurita’s ill luck

Dr. Salvator

The sick granddaughter

An orchardful of miracles

The third wall

An ambush

The amphibian

A day of Ichthyander’s

The girl and the stranger

Ichthyander’s valet

In town

Back in the sea

Revenge is sweet

The impatience of Zurita

An unpleasant encounter

Fighting octopuses

A new friend

The Amphibian Man by Alexander Belyaev

Part II

On the way

That’s him!

Full speed ahead!

The extraordinary prisoner

The abandoned Jellyfish

The sunken ship

Part III

The long-lost father

A case without precedent

The madman of genius

Salvator’s explanation

In prison

The escape