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Charles Dickens was one of the greatest among the many story-writers of "the Victorian age;" that is, the middle and latter part of the Nineteenth Century, when Victoria was Queen of Great Britain. Perhaps he was the greatest of them all for now, a generation after he passed away, more people read the stories of Dickens than those by any other author of that period. In those wonderful writings are found many pictures of child-life connected with the plan of the novels or stories. These child-stories have been taken out of their connections and are told by themselves in this volume. By and by you will read for yourselves, "The Christmas Carol," "The Chimes," "David Copperfield," "The Old Curiosity Shop," and the other great books by that fascinating writer, who saw people whom nobody else ever saw, and made them real. When you read those books you will meet again these charming children, and will remember them as the friends of your childhood.

Jesse L. Hurlbut.

Charles Dickens' Children Stories


Trotty Veck and his daughter Meg

Tiny Tim

The Runaway Couple

Little Dorrit

The Toy-Maker and His Blind Daughter

Little Nell

Little David Copperfield

Jenny Wren

Pip's Adventure


Dick Swiveller and the Marchioness

Mr. Wardle's Servant Joe

A Brave and Honest Boy, Oliver Twist

Christmas story - Charles Dickens


A Christmas Carol

Stafe 1

Stafe 2

Stafe 3

Stafe 4

Stafe 5

The Battle of Life

Chapter I: Part The First

Chapter II: Part The Second

Chapter III: Part The Third

The Cricket on the Hearth

Chapter 1 - Chirp the First

Chapter 2 - Chirp The Second

Chapter 3 - Chirp the Third

The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

Chapter I - The Gift Bestowed

Chapter II - The Gift Diffused

Chapter III - The Gift Reversed