Edward Stratemeyer stories for children and teenagers

Edward Stratemeyer stories for children

Edward Stratemeyer (1862-1930) was an American publisher and writer of children's fiction. He was one of the most prolific writers in the world, producing in excess of 1,300 books himself, selling in excess of 500 million copies. He also created many well-known fictional book series for juveniles, including The Rover Boys, The Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew series, many of which sold millions of copies and are still in publication today.


American Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt

The Rover Boys under Canvas; Or, The Mystery of the Wrecked Submarine

The Rover Boys at Colby Hall; or, The Struggles of the Young Cadets

The Rover Boys on the Farm; or, Last Days at Putnam Hall

The Rover Boys in the Air; Or, From College Campus to the Clouds

The Rover Boys Down East; or, The Struggle for the Stanhope Fortune

The Rover Boys on a Hunt; or, The Mysterious House in the Woods

The Rover Boys at School; Or, The Cadets of Putnam Hall

The Rover Boys on a Tour; or, Last Days at Brill College

The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle; or, The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht

The Rover Boys in the Jungle; Or, Stirring Adventures in Africa

Dave Porter and His Double; Or, The Disapperarance of the Basswood Fortune

The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch; Or, The Cowboys' Double Round-Up

The Rover Boys in Alaska; or, Lost in the Fields of Ice

The Rover Boys on Snowshoe Island; or, The Old Lumberman's Treasure Box

The Rover Boys In The Mountains; Or, A Hunt for Fun and Fortune

The Rover Boys in Camp; or, The Rivals of Pine Island

The Rover Boys on the Ocean; Or, A chase for a fortune

The Rover Boys in Business; Or, The Search for the Missing Bonds

The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes; Or, The Secret of the Island Cave

The Rover Boys in New York; Or, Saving Their Father's Honor

The Rover Boys out West; Or, The Search for a Lost Mine

The Rover Boys on the Plains; Or, The Mystery of Red Rock Ranch

The Rover Boys on Land and Sea: The Crusoes of Seven Islands

The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck; Or, Stirring Adventures in the Oil Fields

The Rover Boys in Southern Waters; or, The Deserted Steam Yacht

The Rover Boys at College; Or, The Right Road and the Wrong

Dave Porter in the Far North; Or, The Pluck of an American Schoolboy

Dave Porter and the Runaways; Or, Last Days at Oak Hall

Dave Porter and His Rivals; or, The Chums and Foes of Oak Hall

Dave Porter on Cave Island; Or, A Schoolboy's Mysterious Mission

Dave Porter and His Classmates; Or, For the Honor of Oak Hall

Dave Porter's Return to School; Or, Winning the Medal of Honor

Dave Porter in the Gold Fields; Or, The Search for the Landslide Mine

Dave Porter's Great Search; Or, The Perils of a Young Civil Engineer

Dave Porter in the South Seas; or, The Strange Cruise of the Stormy Petrel

Dave Porter At Bear Camp; Or, The Wild Man of Mirror Lake

Dave Porter at Star Ranch; Or, The Cowboy's Secret

The Putnam hall series

The Putnam hall cadets

The Putnam hall rivals

The Putnam hall champions

The Putnam hall rebellion

The Putnam hall encampment

The Putnam hall mystery