Dutch folktales

Dutch folktales

Tales of good fairies abound in Dutch folklore. In fact, one would hardly know how the world existed without them! They had their hands in just about every new development and invention. Dutch fairy tales are charming and delightful stories full of interesting cultural facts and traditions from the countries they spring from, namely, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Quaint colloquialisms are woven into the stories that distinguish them as uniquely Dutch. The smiling face of a happy women is otherwise known as a “penny white,” and cheese and bread at the dinner table very merrily makes it way “down the little red lane,” of a hungry boy’s throat.
William Elliot Griffis popularized these fairy tales as children’s stories across the world with his collection “Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks.” Enter the fairy rings and dance until dawn with these scintillating tales of traditional rural life that intersect with the fantastic world of mythical beings. Dutch fairy tales are joyous stories for children where everyone lives happily ever after.

Dutch folktales


1.The entangled mermaid

2.The boy who wanted more cheese

3.The princess with twenty petticoats

4.The cat and the cradle

5.Prince Spin Head and Miss Snow White

6.The boar with the golden bristles

7.The ice king and his wonderful grandchild

8.The elves and their antics

9.The kabouters and the bells

10.The woman with three hundred and sixty-six children

11.The Oni on his travels

12.The legend of the wooden shoe

13.The curly-tailed lion

14.Brabo and the giant

15.The farm that ran away and came back

16.Santa Klaas and Black Pete

17.The goblins turned to stone

18.The mouldy Penny

19.The golden helmet

20.When Wheat Worked Woe

21.Why the stork loves Holland

Author: William Elliot Griffis