Bunny Rabbit by Unknown Author Animal poem

Bunny creeps out and caresses his nose,
Combs out his ears with his fluttering toes,
Blinks at the sun
And commences to run
With a skip and a hop
And a flippety-flop,
Nibbling the clover wherever he goes;
But only when he is quite easy in mind
Does he button his little white tail down behind.

Bunny stops dead and stiffens each hair,
And his eyelids freeze in a terrified stare,
And he pricks up his ears
For the sound that he hears
Is a low muffled beat
And a drumming of feet
And an ominous rub-a-dub-dubbing- but where?
He's off like the wind! He's off like the wind!
And his little white tail is unbuttoned behind.