Tarzan the Magnificent by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Magnificent by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan encounters a lost race with uncanny mental powers, after which he revisits the lost cities of Cathne and Athne, previously encountered in the earlier novel Tarzan and the City of Gold. As usual, he is backed up by Chief Muviro and his faithful Waziri warriors.


Chapter 1 Out of the Past

Chapter 2 A Strange Tale

Chapter 3 The Power of Mafka

Chapter 4 Sentenced to Death

Chapter 5 The Black Panther

Chapter 6 Trapped

Chapter 7 Green Magic

Chapter 8 The Leopard Pit

Chapter 9 The End of the Corridor

Chapter 10 Toward Freedom

Chapter 11 Treachery

Chapter 12 Reunion

Chapter 13 Cannibals

Chapter 14 Kidnaped

Chapter 15 Clews

Chapter 16 Tantor

Chapter 17 Strangers

Chapter 18 Ingratitude

Chapter 19 Retribution

Chapter 20 Athne

Chapter 21 Phoros

Chapter 22 Menofra

Chapter 23 Sentenced

Chapter 24 Death

Chapter 25 Battle