The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit

The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit

Edith Nesbit's children novel The Railway Children explores the life of families living around the railways. When the father of three children falsely convicted for spying, the life of the family shifts dramatically from the comfort of their sub-urban home to tiny shelter near railways. The children meet an elderly traveler during his regular visit to railway station. As the novel progress this old man helps the family recover from their impoverished life and subsequent release of their father.


Chapter 1. The beginning of things

Chapter 2. Peter's coal-mine

Chapter 3. The old gentleman

Chapter 4. The engine burglar

Chapter 5. Prisoners and captives

Chapter 6. Saviours of the train

Chapter 7. For valour

Chapter 8. The amateur firemen

Chapter 9. The pride of Perks

Chapter 10. The terrible secret

Chapter 11. The hound in the red jersey

Chapter 12. What Bobbie brought home

Chapter 13. The hound's grandfather

Chapter 14. The End