Miloyar Fairy tales of Miloliza

Miloyar 1

After holidays work days started again. Life in the village ran quietly and leisurely. This was the warmest time of the year.
Once on a hot day Miloliza and her brother Miloyar walked on the edge of the forest not far from their house. Miloyar soon became tired, he sat down on the grass and dozed off, while his little sister decided to gather some flowers on the near by meadow. There bloomed many kinds of beautiful field flowers. Miloliza did not watch the time while walking around the glade. But when she returned to the birch tree, under which her brother had fell asleep, he was not there. She ran by the edge of the forest and called: «Milo-yar! Milo-yar! Hallooo! Where are you?!»However, only silence was the answer. In tears the girl ran home. Mom and Dad were already back from work. Upon learning about the missing child, they rushed out to search for him. But all was in vain: Miloyar was no where to be found!

Sorrowful parents continued to search for the child, and Miloliza ran to the other side of the village to search help of granny Martha. The girl told her of the trouble. This is what granny Martha said: «I shall guess where your brother is, but I need an exact confirmation of this. Take this magic kernel, and plant it in a secluded location near your house. Sprinkle it with your tears. In the morning a flower will blossom, and you must pick it and bring it to me. But do not tell anyone about it, even your parents!» Martha took a grain out of her bag and gave it to Miloliza. The girl thanked Martha for help and ran home.

Miloyar still could not be found! Milolliza decided to plant the kernel next to her favorite currant bush. Having sprinkled it with one of her tears, Miloliza went to bed; and with a hope for a better tomorrow fell asleep. By dawn it grew up into a currant bush. She was stunned by what she saw! She had never seen such an unusual and beautiful flower. It was gentle as the first snow and had a wonderful aroma. But most of all she was struck by the color of the flower. At the bottom up to the middle the petals were bright red, but from the middle to the top they were snowy white! She gently picked the flower and brought it to granny Martha. Martha was not a bit surprised to see such a flower, as if she observed them every day.

Then granny Martha told her: «Now I have the precise proof. White petals mean that Miloyar is alive and in good health. And red onesindicate that he was kidnapped and probably enchanted. And the person responsible for it must be Saina! She is still safe and sound and she is back to her business! She has no children, and has long been dreaming of a child of her own. And such a chance has been given to her. You are nothing to blame for, child. Saina would steal your brother anyway. Now she gives him tea with a magic herb, and he has forgot that he has a real mother, and father, and sister. But nobody can return Miloyar home except you. Now listen carefully. It is not so easy to find Saina. I will give you a leaf, which the Ash- Druid gave me. It will show you the way to Saina. And yet, the most important thing! When you come to Saina, she will understand everything. She will try to force you to drink the same tea. But be careful! I’m giving you a bottle with some water from my well. It is magical – it will remove the charms of Saina. Let Miloyar drink it and his memory will come back and the witch will fall asleep. While being in Saina’s house drink this water in stead of tea! The same ash-leaf will help you to find the way back. Can you remember everything, my child? Do as I told you. And not a single word to any body! Day comes from the darkness, horsefly – from the grass!» Granny Martha gave Miloliza the magical ash-leaf and a bottle of well water and stroked her head. The girl thanked Martha and hurried to the forest.

After getting a little bit deeper into the woods by a familiar path, Miloliza took out the leaf and released it. Then she followed the leaf. It was flying and taking the girl deeper and deeper into the forest. But she wasn’t afraid at all. She knew that she will soon see her brother alive and unharmed! Finally, the leaf stopped and fell to the ground. Miloliza took and hid it. Then she moved the bushes apart and saw a big beautiful log house. Saina lived here!

The girl knocked at the door, it opened, and Saina appeared on the threshold. «How did you get here, Liz…little girl?!»- asked Saina. Miloliza has invented a story about her being lost in the woods and accidentally finding the house. The witch seemed to believe it and let the girl into the house. «We have just been going to drink some tea with a pie and jam. Please, have a meal with us, and rest for some time, and in the morning I will show you the way to your village»,- uttered Saina. Miloyar was sitting quietly and paid no attention to his sister. He forgot everyone: his mama and papa that once lived in the village together with his sister. Saina brought the tea to the children and went out to fetch some cake. Miloliza quickly poured the tea out under the floor and filled their cups with well water which granny Martha had given. Miloyar took a sip from the cup and he was changed immediately – he suddenly remembered everything! The witch’s spell was broken. «Be quiet and behave the same way! Otherwise Saina will understand everything and we will never get back home!»- whispered Miloliza. Saina entered the room with several cakes and jam. «Help yourself, children, and I’ll go snatch a nap». Children did not eat anything, but only drank the water. Being very careful not to awaken the witch, they got out through the window and took to their heels. Miloliza released the ash-leaf to fly ahead of her. They ran for a long time and stopped to rest only once. Soon they saw the village. Their mom and dad stood near the house. They were very glad to see their daughter, but when they noticed Miloyar, tears showed in their eyes. There was no end to their joy. The next day the parents arranged a party on this occasion. They invited the kids from all over the village. The cake with strawberry tea and currant jam was the main course of the celebration. At the head of the table next to mother and father sat their beloved children, brother and sister - Miloyar and Miloliza. The honorary guest sitting next to them at the table was granny Martha.

Tale of magic bell

© Copyright: Konstantin Dmitriev, 2008

Translated into English: Maria Lyukish, 2012

Illustrations by Anastasia Soloviova