Flemish Legend The Brotherhood of the Cheerful Countenance by Charles de Coster Chapter 13

Of the great wonder and astonishment of My Lord the Duke when he heard of the valour of the women of Uccle

In the meantime the village sent to the Duke two trusty men, with a message to that high prince informing him in due order all that had occurred.

These men met him already on his way to Uccle, for he had learnt by his runners the Irontooth’s design, and knowing full well where he would find him was coming against him at all speed with a strong force of horsemen.
As soon as the messengers saw who it was coming along the road they went down on their knees, but the good Duke would have none of this, and made them rise and walk at his stirrup.

Before they had gone far they reached the scene of the brigands’ discomfiture. At the sight of all those heaped-up bodies the Duke halted, greatly astonished and no less pleased. “And who,” quoth he, “has slain all these scoundrels in this wise?”

“Our womenfolk,” said one of the messengers.

“What is this thou’rt telling me?” said the Duke with a frown.

“Before God, My Lord,” said the man, “I will tell you the whole story.”

And so he did.

“Well,” said the Duke when he had done, “who would have thought it of these good wives? I will reward them well for it.”

So saying he caused the casque of the Irontooth to be taken up and carried away. This casque was to be seen for many years in the armoury of My Lord Charles, who had it guarded with the utmost care.