Flemish Legend Smetse Smee by Charles de Coster Chapter 11

Wherein the workmen hold fair speech with Smetse

While the devil was making off, Smetse, watching his workmen, saw that they were looking at one another strangely, spoke together in low voices, and seemed awkward in their manner, like people who would speak out, but dare not.

And he said to himself: “Are they going to denounce me to the priests?”

Suddenly Flipke the Bear came up to him. “Baes,” said he, “we know well enough that this ghost of Hessels was sent to thee by him who is lord below; thou hast made a pact with the devil and art rich only by his money. We have guessed as much for some time. But so that thou should not be vexed, none of us have spoken of it in the town, and none will so speak. We would tell thee this to put thy mind at rest. And so now, baes, good night and quiet sleep to thee.”

“Thank you, lads,” said Smetse, greatly softened.

And they went their several ways.