Rigmarole About a Tea-Party by Unknown Author - Funny poem for children


Stirred the fire,

Agnes Stout

Poked it out,

Tommy Voles

Fetched the coals,

Alice Good

Laid the wood,

Bertie Patch

Struck the match,

Charlotte Hays

Made it blaze,

Mrs. Groom

Kept the broom,

Katy Moore

Swept the floor,

Fanny Froth

Laid the cloth,

Arthur Grey

Brought the tray,

Betty Bates

Washed the plates,

Nanny Galt

Smoothed the salt,

Dicky Street

Fetched the meat,

Sally Strife

Rubbed the knife,

Minnie York

Found the fork,

Sophie Silk

Brought the milk,

Mrs. Bream

Sent some cream,

Susan Head

Cut the bread,

Harry Host

Made the toast,

Mrs. Dee

Poured out tea,

And they all were as happy as happy could be.