The Attraction of Levitation by H.G. Paine - Funny poem for children

"Oh, dear!" said little Johnny Frost,

"Sleds are such different things!

When down the hill you swiftly coast

You'd think that they had wings;

"But when uphill you slowly climb,

And have to drag your sled,

It feels so heavy that you'd think

'Twas really made of lead.

"And all because an Englishman,

Sir Isaac Newton named,

Invented gravitation, and

Became unduly famed;

"While if he had reversed his law,

So folks uphill could coast,

It seems to me he would have had

A better claim to boast.

"Then coasting would all pleasure be;

To slide up would be slick!

And dragging sleds downhill would be

An awful easy trick!"