Christmas Gifts by Carolyn Wells poem

Ten Christmas presents standing in a line;
Robert took the bicycle, then there were nine.

Nine Christmas presents ranged in order straight;
Bob took the steam engine, then there were eight.

Eight Christmas presents--and one came from Devon;
Robbie took the jackknife, then there were seven.

Seven Christmas presents direct from St. Nick's;
Bobby took the candy box, then there were six.

Six Christmas presents, one of them alive;
Rob took the puppy dog, then there were five.

Five Christmas presents yet on the floor;
Bobbin took the soldier cap, then there were four.

Four Christmas presents underneath the tree;
Bobbet took the writing desk, then there were three.

Three Christmas presents still in full view;
Robin took the checker board, then there were two.

Two Christmas presents, promising fun,
Bobbles took the picture book, then there was one.

One Christmas present--and now the list is done;
Bobbinet took the sled, and then there were none.

And the same happy child received every toy,
So many nicknames had one little boy.