The Train Boy by Jr. Horatio Alger

The Train Boy by Jr. Horatio Alger


Chapter I. The Train for Chicago

Chapter II. A Leap from the Train

Chapter III. Paul Palmer at Home

Chapter IV. An Unwelcome Visitor

Chapter V. Paul to the Rescue

Chapter VI. Birds of a Feather

Chapter VII. A Rejected Suitor

Chapter VIII. The Struggling Artist

Chapter IX. The First Sitting

Chapter X. Miss Framley's Economy

Chapter XI. Paul Gets into Trouble

Chapter XII. Paul's Critical Position

Chapter XIII. Grace Dearborn at Home

Chapter XIV. The Artist's Secret

Chapter XV. A Fellow-Conspirator

Chapter XVI. An Unwelcome Appearance

Chapter XVII. Paul Defends His Mother

Chapter XVIII. Grace Dearborn's Party

Chapter XIX. The Artist's Recreation

Chapter XX. A Persevering Suitor

Chapter XXI. Miss Framley's Mortification

Chapter XXII. An Unexpected Change

Chapter XXIII. A Catastrophe

Chapter XXIV. The Train-Wrecker

Chapter XXV. Paul Changes His Business

Chapter XXVI. Mr. Bradford's Office

Chapter XXVII. Serving a Tyrant

Chapter XXVIII. Mr. Manson is Surprised

Chapter XXIX. The Book-keeper's Triumph

Chapter XXX. Paul is Promoted

Chapter XXXI. Paul and His Successor

Chapter XXXII. Jim Scott

Chapter XXXIII. Cheyenne

Chapter XXXIV. Major Ashton in a Quandary

Chapter XXXV. Wooing the Widow

Chapter XXXVI. Paul Sells the Mine

Chapter XXXVII. Diamond Cut Diamond

Chapter XXXVIII. A Scene at Omaha

Chapter XXXIX. A Thief Foiled

Chapter XL. The Lady's Secret

Chapter XLI. Major Ashton's Engagement

Chapter XLII. A Revelation

Chapter XLIII. Major Ashton at Bay

Chapter XLIV. Conclusion