Twenty thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne

An American frigate, tracking down a ship-sinking monster, faces not a living creature but an incredible invention — a fantastic submarine commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo. Suddenly a devastating explosion leaves just three survivors, who find themselves prisoners inside Nemo’s death ship on an underwater odyssey around the world from the pearl-laden waters of Ceylon to the icy dangers of the South Pole . . .as Captain Nemo, one of the greatest villians ever created, takes his revenge on all society.


Part 1

1. A Shifting Reef

2. Pro and Con

3. I Form My Resolution

4. Ned Land

5. At a Venture

6. At Full Steam

7. An Unknown Species of Whale

8. Mobilis in Mobili

9. Ned Land's Tempers

10. The Man of the Seas

11. All by Electricity

12. Some Figures

13. The Black River

14. A Note of Invitation

15. A Walk on the Bottom of the Sea

16. A Submarine Forest

17. Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific

18. Vanikoro

19. Torres Straits

20. A Few Days on Land

21. Captain Nemo's Thunderbolt

22. 'Aegri Somnia'

23. The Coral Kingdom

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne

Part 2

1. The Indian Ocean

2. A Novel Proposal of Captain Nemo's

3. A Pearl of Ten Millions

4. The Red Sea

5. The Arabian Tunnel

6. The Grecian Archipelago

7. The Mediterranean in Forty-Eight Hours

8. Vigo Bay

9. A Vanished Continent

10. The Submarine Coal Mines

11. The Sargasso Sea

12. Cachalots and Whales

13. The Iceberg

14. The South Pole

15. Accident or Incident?

16. Want of Air

17. From Cape Horn to the Amazon

18. The Poulps

19. The Gulf Stream

20. From Latitude 47 24' to Longitude 17 28'

21. A Hecatomb

22. The Last Words of Captain Nemo

23. Conclusion