The Children of Captain Grant or In Search of the Castaways, by Jules Verne

In Search of the Castaways (original title Les Enfants du capitaine Grant, "The Children of Captain Grant") is a science fiction novel by the French writer Jules Verne, published in 1867-1868.

The Children of Captain Grant by Jules Verne



Book I: South America

Chapter 1. The Shark

Chapter 2. The Three Documents

Chapter 3. The Captain’s Children

Chapter 4. Lady Glenarvan’s Proposal

Chapter 5. The Departure of the “Duncan”

Chapter 6. An Unexpected Passenger

Chapter 7. Jacques Paganel is Undeceived

Chapter 8. The Geographer’s Resolution

Chapter 9. Through the Straits of Magellan

Chapter 10. The Course Decided

Chapter 11. Traveling in Chili

Chapter 12. Eleven Thousand Feet Aloft

Chapter 13. A Sudden Descent

Chapter 14. Providentially Rescued

Chapter 15. Thalcave

Chapter 16. The News of the Lost Captain

Chapter 17. A Serious Necessity

Chapter 18. In Search of Water

Chapter 19. The Red Wolves

Chapter 20. Strange Signs

Chapter 21. A False Trail

Chapter 22. The Flood

Chapter 23. A Singular Abode

Chapter 24. Paganel’s Disclosure

Chapter 25. Between Fire and Water

Chapter 26. The Return on Board

The Children of Captain Grant by Jules Verne

Book II: Australia

Chapter 1. A New Destination

Chapter 2. Tristan D’acunha and the Isle of Amsterdam

Chapter 3. Cape Town and M. Viot

Chapter 4. A Wager and How Decided

Chapter 5. The Storm on the Indian Ocean

Chapter 6. A Hospitable Colonist

Chapter 7. The Quartermaster of the “Britannia”

Chapter 8. Preparation for the Journey

Chapter 9. A Country of Paradoxes

Chapter 10. An Accident

Chapter 11. Crime or Calamity

Chapter 12. Toline of the Lachlan

Chapter 13. A Warning

Chapter 14. Wealth in the Wilderness

Chapter 15. Suspicious Occurrences

Chapter 16. A Startling Discovery

Chapter 17. The Plot Unveiled

Chapter 18. Four Days of Anguish

Chapter 19. Helpless and Hopeless

The Children of Captain Grant by Jules Verne

Book III: New Zealand

Chapter 1. A Rough Captain

Chapter 2. Navigators and Their Discoveries

Chapter 3. The Martyr-Roll of Navigators

Chapter 4. The Wreck of the “Macquarie”

Chapter 5. Cannibals

Chapter 6. A Dreaded Country

Chapter 7. The Maori War

Chapter 8. On the Road to Auckland

Chapter 9. Introduction to the Cannibals

Chapter 10. A Momentous Interview

Chapter 11. The Chief’s Funeral

Chapter 12. Strangely Liberated

Chapter 13. The Sacred Mountain

Chapter 14. A Bold Stratagem

Chapter 15. From Peril to Safety

Chapter 16. Why the “Duncan” Went to New Zealand

Chapter 17. Ayrton’s Obstinacy

Chapter 18. A Discouraging Confession

Chapter 19. A Cry in the Night

Chapter 20. Captain Grant’s Story

Chapter 21. Paganel’s Last Entanglement