A Boy That Told a Lie by Lowell Mason

The mother looked pale, and her face was sad;
She seemed to have nothing to make her glad;
She silently sat with the tears in her eye,
For her dear little boy had told a lie.

He was a gentle, affectionate child;
His ways were winning, his temper was mild;
There was love and joy in the soft blue eye,
But the dear little boy had told a lie.

He stood alone by the window within,
For he felt that his soul was stained with sin;
And his mother could hear him sob and cry,
Because he had told her that wicked lie.

Then he came and stood by his mother’s side,
And asked for a kiss, which she denied;
While he promised with many a penitent sigh,
That he never would tell another lie.

So she bade him before her kneel gently down,
And took his soft hands within her own,
And she kissed his cheek as he looked on high
And prayed to be pardoned for telling that lie.