Eight Cousins by Louisa M. Alcott

Eight Cousins by Louisa M. Alcott

The story tells how Rose, who has been recently orphaned and must now reside with her maiden great aunts, one of the most winning heroines in juvenile fiction, and her seven boy cousins, get into scrapes, mischief and all kinds of fun. Like many of Alcott's books for young people, this story takes a high moral tone, too.

Table of Content


Chapter 1 Two Girls

Chapter 2 The Clan

Chapter 3 Uncles

Chapter 4 Aunts

Chapter 5 A Belt and a Box

Chapter 6 Uncle Alec's Room

Chapter 7 A Trip to China

Chapter 8 And what came of it

Chapter 9 Phebe’s Secret

Chapter 10 Rose’s Sacrifice

Chapter 11 Poor Mac

Chapter 12 "The Other Fellows"

Chapter 13 Cosey Corner

Chapter 14 A Happy Birthday

Chapter 15 Ear-Rings

Chapter 16 Bread and Button-Holes

Chapter 17 Good Bargains

Chapter 18 Fashion and Physiology

Chapter 19 Brother Bones

Chapter 20 Under The Mistletoe

Chapter 21 A Scare

Chapter 22 Something to do

Chapter 23 Peace-Making

Chapter 24 Which?