The Mysterious Key and What It Opened by Louisa M. Alcott

The Mysterious Key and What It Opened

When Lillian Trevlyn is a baby, her father dies under mysterious circumstances, and she nearly loses her mother on the very same day. Lillian grows up to become a lovely young woman, but the mysteries of her childhood remain unsolved.
Paul, an orphaned boy, enters the story as a groomsman. Though he is warmly received by the family he is furtive and evasive regarding his past and future plans. The romantic mystery of the Trevlyn family catches full fire when Paul disappears.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Prophecy

Chapter 2 Paul

Chapter 3 Secret Service

Chapter 4 Vanished

Chapter 5 A Hero

Chapter 6 Fair Helen

Chapter 7 The Secret Key

Chapter 8 Which?