Flower Fables by Louisa M. Alcott

Flower Fables by Louisa M. Alcott

Louisa May Alcott wrote Flower Fables a collection of fanciful stories, for Ralph Waldo Emerson's daughter, Ella Emerson. It was Alcott's first published work, released December 9, 1854.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Flower Fables

Chapter 2 The Frost King

Chapter 3 Eva's Visit to Fairy-Land

Chapter 4 The Flower's Lesson

Chapter 5 Lily-Bell and Thistle-down

Chapter 6 Little Bud

Chapter 7 Clover-Blossom

Chapter 8 Little Annie's Dream

Chapter 9 Ripple, the Water-Spirit

Chapter 10 Fairy Song