Fun account Poem by Marshak for children

Here is one Ile unit,
Very thin as a needle,

And here is number two.
Admire what:

Curves deuce neck,
Dragging tail behind her.

And deuce - look -
Is number three.

Three - third of the icons -
Consists of two hooks.

Three are four,
The sharp elbow of octobera.

Then I went to dance
Paper number five.

The right hand was stretched out,
Leg steeply curved.

Number six - door lock:
The top hook at the bottom of the circle.

Here is a seven - rod.
She has one leg.

The eight two rings
Without beginning and without end.

Figure nine or nine -
Circus acrobat:

If his head will stand,
Figure six nine will become.

Figure like the letter O
This zero Ile anything.

Round zero so pretty,
But doesn't mean anything!

Well, if to the left, next to him
The unit will Primosten,
He will become more weigh,
Because it is ten.