Where is Peter, where Serge? Poem by Marshak for children

Each other so similar
Komarova brothers.
Where is Peter, where he is
Can't affect.

Only the grandmother and mother
They are able to distinguish.

I can't tell you,
One of them younger.
Petya soon to be five
And Serezha

Peter threw a snowball
And hit the window.
Say, in a glass snow
Hit The Shackle.

Who yesterday broke the ball
The Cup on the sideboard?
Petya was nothing to do with it,
And got Petya.

The doctor mixes them -
So they are similar!
Drinking castor oil for two
Sometimes Seryozha.

In celebration of dad the whole family
Treated with ice-cream.
Peter proportion ate his
And then Seregina.

Enrolled in kindergarten
Peter and Sergei.
Petya new Bathrobe
Issued in the hallway.

And Serezha say:
- Greedy hurt
Got one Bathrobe,
And you pretty!

- Received, not me brother,
Says Serge. -
Petya gave Bathrobe,
Give me too!

Babysitter Petya without end
Soft sponge soap,
To wash his face
Blue ink.

Washed away with a sponge strip
Cheek and nose.
When he had finished bathing,
Full of ink it again!

Babysitter boy scolds:
- Joe! What is this? -
As Serge says:
Nanny, I - Serge!

Go to the hairdresser
Peter and Sergei.
Peter by the hand lead
And Sergei, too.

Hairdresser in a moment
The Bob hair cut.

His head now
On watermelon similar.
Only he went out the door,
In the door came Seryozha.

The Barber says:
- Well you have recently been shaved!
I have your hair
Not shook with Bathrobe,
And so you got a bit fatter,
Won a shaggy!

You can see, hair grows
You have five minutes!

Hairdressing for you
There will be enough for the light,
If in the hour of ten times
To get a haircut will be kids!

Once to the courtyard
Got over the fence
Naughty boy -
Yu Grishka.

Grishka guy eight years,
What a big man! -
And before the younger children
Shows off the power.

He says: " Hey, fry!
Go racing with one another!

Announce summer cross
From the porch to the barn.
Three clicks will get in the nose
The one who loses!

Loves Grishka to offend
Those who are younger.
But I agree with him to flee
Komarov Sergey.

And so Peter Mosquitoes
At the gate of the shed
Crouched between wood,
Grishka waiting.

Grishka ran.

He ran, almost breathlessly,
And saw the baby,
Running up to the gate.

He was very surprised
Even made a face,
Because he took
Petya for Seryozha.

- Too quiet you're running! -
Says the kid.-
Sit, long-legged,
Rest of the way!

- I do not want to rest,
Will run with you again!
Ten times faster
To run I can do!

"Okay! - Joe says. -
Dobein to the house.
Who gets ahead,
Give a click to another!

Grishka ran off.

Faster and faster
He rushes skipping,
And Serge at the door
Waiting For Grishko.

"Well, Grishka, where is your nose?
Lost you this cross!

They say that since then
Didn't go never
Brothers small yard
Grishka tall.