Ten stories Poem by Marshak for children

These figures in order
Write down in his notebook.
I mean every now
Will write you a story.

- 1 -

In the book lived
One Yes one.
They went to fight

But soon one
Crossed out one.
And that's not left
Anything from them.

And if were friends
They are among themselves,
How long could live
And it would be two of them!

- 2 -

Two sisters - two hands
Cut, build, dig,
Tearing in the garden weeds
And wash each other.

Knead the dough two hands -
Left and right,
The water of the sea and the river
Rowing, swimming.

- 3 -

Three colors of light,
They are clear for the driver:

Red light -
There is no passage.
Yellow -
Be ready for the way,
And the green light - Kati!

- 4 -

Four in a room corner.
The four legs of the table.
And four legs
The mouse and the cat.

Running four wheels,
The rubber shod.
What you pass in two hours,
They are for two minutes.

- 5 -

Before you - the five brothers.
At home all of them without clothing.
And on the street but
Should each coat.

- 6 -

Give them cereal with milk.
Let lacout language,
Because cats
Don't eat from a spoon.

- 7 -

Seven nights and days in the week.
Seven things in your portfolio:
Blotting paper and notebook,
And the pen to write,
And gum to patches
Corrected gently,
And pencil case, pencil,
And the primer is your friend.

- 8 -

Eight wooden dolls,
Chubby and ruddy,
Colored sundresses
On the table we live.
All Dolls name.

The first doll thick,
But inside it is empty.

Razminaetsja it
Into two halves.
It lives another
The doll in the middle.

This doll is open
Will be the third in the second.

Half twenty,
Thick, lapped, -
And you will be able to find
The fourth doll.

Pull it out and look,
Who is it hides inside.

Hiding in her fifth
But inside is empty.
Lives in her sixth.
And in the sixth
And in the seventh
The eighth.

This doll is less than all
A little larger than a walnut.


Now, put
Sisters dolls are.

- How many are you? - we ask
And answer dolls: Eight!

- 9 -

Nine ten,
Nine ten,
Nine ten
Need to school you go.
In nine hear the call.
Begin the lesson.

Nine ten
Children sleep it's time to go.
And not go to bed -
The nose will eat!

- 0 -

This zero Ile anything.
Listen to a tale about him.

Said merry, round zero
- With you around let
Stand me on the page!

She looked him up and down
Angry, proud glance:
"You, zero, aren't worth anything.
Do not stand at my side!

Said zero: - I admit
That ain't worth nothing,
But you can become ten,
Kohl I will be with thee.

So alone you now,
Small and thin,
But there will be more than ten times,
When I'm right.

In vain I think zero
Plays a small role.

We are two twenty-turn.
Of triples and quadruples
We can, if we wish,
To be thirty, forty.

Let say that we are nothing, -
With two zeros together
Of the units will be one hundred,
Of the two - as many as two hundred!