The zoo Poem by Marshak for children

Early, early we get up,
Loud janitor's name is:
- Watchman, watchman, quickly
Come out to feed the animals!

Left the Keeper of the gatehouse,
Sweeping it tracks,
Smoking a pipe at the gate,
We dine does not.

Long, long time at the bars,
We stand at the throat.
Know, know without a clock,
That lunch ready for us.

At lunch, at dinner
Not we talk with a neighbor,
Forget about everything
And chew, chew, chew.
It's a tough job -
Cheeks Loznitsa from sweat.

After food needed sleep.
Leaning asleep elephant.
Showing himself to the people,
Hippo goes into the water.

Sleeping owl, clutching a stump
Sleeping deer, and sleeping seal.
Dark brown bear
Silently grumbles half asleep,

Only pony and camel
Accepted for work.

Camel, camel,
As in the desert, go people,
Pass ditch,
For which see the lion,
Pass by cells,
Where eagles perched on a branch.
Clumsy, hairy hood,
Walking through the garden camel.

And in a circle on the ground,
Black-maned horses
Rush near and in single file,
Waving bangs and tail.

But here comes the cool.
Others go from the garden.
Burn wall lights,
And we are left alone.