A book about books Poem by Marshak for children

- 1 -

The Skvortsova
There were
Without end
And without beginning,
Covers -
As bast,
The leaves
Was crying.

- 2 -

Fought Grishka with Teddy Bear.
He lifted the book,
Gave once on the head -
Instead of books became two.

- 3 -

Bitterly complained Gogol:
He was in his youth a dandy,
And now, in his declining years,
He Restrepo and stripped.

The poor Robinson
The skin flayed from cardboard,
The Krylov torn sheet,
And grammar crumpled
On page thirty-fifth
Painted chimney sweep.

In geography Petrova
Painted cow
And it is written: "This
Geography of mine.
Who will take her without asking,
Who will be left without a nose!"

- 4 -

- How can we be? said books. -
How to get rid of Grisha?

And said to the brothers Grimm-
What books will run away!

Disheveled tasks,
Knocker and a loser,
Mumbled answer them:
- Boys and girls
Everywhere maim books.
Where to go from Grishka?
Anywhere there is no salvation!

- Be quiet, you old minus, -
Said the brothers Grimm, -
And no longer among us
Grumbling his!

Run to the library,
In our free shelter, -
There books man
Offense are not allowed!

"No, " said "the Hut
Uncle Tom", -
The Grishko I offended
But will stay at home!

- Go! - answered Timur. -
You're patient too!

Go! "cried don Quixote.
And the books were moved to a campaign.

- 5 -

Homeless cripples
Enter the hall of the library.

Shine the lamp on the table,
Shine shelves behind the glass.

In covers dark skin,
Stay along the wall,
Like the audience of the lodges,
Books look from up high.

And began to whisper:

Six eight
Five nine

Geography in trouble
To the door, rushed, trembling.
At this time, on the threshold
Appeared guard.

They brought the broom,
Steel halls to remove,
Sweep the floors and shelves,
The covers to wipe.

Purely have swept everywhere.
And for the hanger in the corner,
Books torn pile
Saw on the floor -

Without end and without beginning,
Covers - as bast,
The leaves Doodle...
The guard cried:

- Razmeschatsya you books,
Have torn you and the boys!
We'll take you to the doctor,
To Mitrophan Kuzmich.

You poor, sorry,
And will clean up, and glue,
And cut and sew,
And dressed in hardcover!

- 6 -

To us, street
In large halls

Books Sluts,
Here paper
Will sew your shirt.

From calico
Jackets will sew,
Cure soon
And the passport will give,

To us, street
In large halls

- 7 -

Out books from the hospital,
Repaired them pages
Covers, roots,
Nalepa labels.

And then in the spacious hall
Each shelf has said:

Was the book for the umpteenth series
Where the problems are.

And Timur - team-together -
Took the shelf for two hundred.

In short, every old Tom
Found your new home.

- 8 -

And Grishka failure:
Grishka specified task.
Was the book he sought.
He looked under the bed,

Under tables, under chairs,
Under the sofas and couches.
Looking at the stove, and in the bucket,
And in the dog kennel.

Grishka bitter and hurt,
But the book is not visible.

What can I do? How can you be?
Where is the book to get?

Remains from a bridge into a river
Ile to run to the library!

- 9 -

They say that in the reading room
The little boy ran
And asked her strict aunt:
- You books issue?

And the response from all sides
Cried books: " get Out!

- 10 -

I wrote this book
Many years ago,
And the other day I met Grishka
On the way to Leningrad.

He had not Grishka,
A well-known engineer.
He grows son,
Very clever pioneer.

Visited them I'm home
Saw a shelf above the Desk.
Fifty-four volumes
There stood behind the glass.

In covers - jackets-new,
Together standing in rows
Shine two books Starling,
Just came to the parade.

And life for them is not bad, -
Their owners cherish.
They never here
Will not run away!