All year round Poem by Marshak for children

Open the calendar
Begins January.

In January, in January
A lot of snow in the yard.

Snow on the roof on the porch.
The sun in the sky blue.
In our house, stoked the stove,
In the sky the smoke pole.

The winds blow in February,
Howl at the loud pipes.
The snake winds its way through the earth
Easy drifting.

The Kremlin wall -
Aircraft parts.
The glory of the army of the native
On her birthday!

Loose snow darkens in March.
Melting icicles on the window.
Bunny runs around the Desk
And on the map
On a wall.

April, April!
In the court of the rings drops.

Fields running streams,
On the road puddles.
Soon will come the ants
After the winter cold.

Sneaks bear
Through the forest trees, etc.
Steel bird songs to sing,
And bloomed snowdrop.

Blossomed Lily of the valley in may -
In the holiday, on the first day.
May flowers farewell,
Blooming lilacs.

Come June.
"June! June!" -
In the garden the birds chirp.
On the dandelion just Dun -
And all he's going to blow.

The hay is in July,
Somewhere thunder grumbles sometimes.
And ready to leave the hive
Young swarm of bees.

Collected in August
Fruit yield.
Many people joy
After all that.

The sun on the spacious
The NIV is.
And sunflower seeds

Clear September morning
Bread threshing village,
Rush birds" beyond the sea
And school was opened.

In October, in October
Frequent rain in the yard.

Meadows dead grass,
Stopped grasshopper.
Harvested wood
The winter stoves.

Day of the Seventh of November
Red day of the calendar.
Look in your window:
All on the street red!

Hover flags at the gate,
Flame blazing.
See, music is
Where were the trams.

All the people - young and old -
Celebrating freedom.
And flying my red ball
Straight to the sky!

In December, in December
All the trees in silver.

Our river, like in a fairy tale,
Per night paved frost,
Updated skates, sled,
Christmas tree from the forest brought.

Tree crying first
From the home heat
In the morning crying perestelo,
His breath was revived.

Slightly shaking her needles,
On the branches of the lights were lit.
As for the ladder on the tree
Lights runs up.

Glittering gold crackers.
Silver star lit
Debiasi to the top
The bold light.

A year has passed since yesterday.
Over Moscow at this hour
The clock strikes Kremlin tower
My salute to twelve times!