Cat and bums Poem by Marshak for children

Was going quitters
And hit quitters
To the rink.

Thick satchel with books
On the back,
And skates under the arms
On the belt.

See, see quitters:
Out of the gate
Gloomy and shabby
The cat goes.

Ask quitters
- What are you frowned,

Meowed plaintively
Grey cat:
- I, cat whiskered,
Soon the year.

And beautiful I quitters,
And smart,
And writing and literacy
Not learned.

The school is not built
For kittens.
To teach us about literacy
Don't want to.

And now without ratification
Far without ratification
Will not go away.

Or drink without ratification,
No eat
At the gate of the rooms
Not to read!

Answer quitters:
- Cute cat,
We will go the twelfth
Soon the year.

Teach us and literacy
And writing,
And can't learn

We learn, idlers,
Something lazy.
Skating skate
A whole day.

We don't write with the stylus
On the Board,
And the skates we write
At the rink!

Meets the quitters
Grey cat:
- I, cat whiskered,
Soon the year.

I knew a lot of quitters
Like you,
And met with such
For the first time!