Master lomaster Poem by Marshak for children

I don't want to learn.
Himself will teach.
I am a well - known master
On carpenter's part!

I have no hunting
To small crafts.
Here I will make a snack bar!
This is not bezdele.

Will I be able to make you a snack bar -
He will stand for a hundred years.
Will vitese of the tree
New shelves.

Upstairs you have set,
Tea ware.
And under it is a spacious bottom
For large dishes.

The shelves of the middle floors
Will be for bottles.
Will the knife,
Nail files, spoons, forks.

I have in the workshop
Everything you need at hand:
Pliers, saw,
And the axe, and two drills,
Hammer, planer,
Chisel, fuganok.

There are some boards I have.
And I give you my word,
That until tomorrow
Will be all ready!

Like a bee.
Propylene Paldiski,
Shuddered and began,
If in a strong grip
On the move hit.

I drive it forward,
And the villain is not.
I pull her back -
The teeth in the wood cracking...

Not given me a snack bar.
Will I knock the stool,
Not lame, not shaky,
Clean and smooth.

So I became a carpenter,
Earned an axe.
I'm on this part
The famous wizard!

One, two -
According to the log.
Three, four -
On the knee.
On the knee,
And then kerf in the wall.
Helve - half
And on his forehead was the scar.

Without stool.
Better frame for a portrait.

There is grandpa's portrait
My grandmother's mother.
Only in our house no
A suitable frame.

I took a few nails
And four straps.
Yes the kitchen is old glue
Was in the Bank.

Will Rama I
With bright gilt.
Will look around all relatives
On my work.

Only glue the joiner's bad;
From the heat it has dried up.
Without glue.
Bar to bar I will beat,
To frame my
Make paprotnia.

As struck with a hammer,
Nail curled worm.

To score I was different,
Yes he bent arc.
The third nail was nailed -
Hat to the side and turned.

Bad nails I -
Will not drive them directly.
So up to the present day
Not ready to frame...

To be depressed I don't like.
From their plates
I'll take Luchenok
The winter stoves.

Splinters prickly,
Thin, flammable
Start as for the fire,
In our old samovar.

Something fun burn!
And the guys say:
- Go
The samovar.
You're not a wizard.
You have lomaster!