Bubbles Poem by Marshak for children

Water ordinary
In a glass dial -
Let the suds
We will be bubbles.

A simple straw
Now I will take in my mouth
Water it pulls I
Then gently blow
In the straw - and now,

Shining smooth surface,
Stretched outwards,
Leaves delicate, thin,
Colored bubble.

Burns like the tail of a peacock.
Any colors in it!
Purple, red, blue,
Green, yellow color.

Fly the balloon inflated,
Transparent glass.
Inside its like
Sparkling mirrors.

Lights in the expanse of the
Playing the easy ball.
It is blue sea,
It lit the fire.

He, pressurized air,
By air floats,
But one minute
In the world lives.

Elegant, colorful,
He broke forever,
Melted imperceptibly,
Melted away without a trace.

And was so proud,
Boasted that foam
He was born of the sea.

There are so many colors was
Was this arrogance,
And he soap and water
Bloated mixture.

I have no regrets...
In truth,
Poems about it longer
Throughout the life of the bubble!