Why a cat named cat? Poem by Marshak for children

The old man and old woman
Was the kitten chernovchi,
And Barnacle,
And cernobori.

Began to think the old man and the old woman:
- Growing up our chernovchi.
We fed him and spoil
Only to give his name forgotten.

Call cernochova
“Cloud” -
May he be great
And mighty.
Above the tree,
More at home.
Let he purrs louder than thunder!

- No, he said, thinking the old woman,"
Cloud easier goose down.
Carried by the wind huge clouds
Collect them in grey heap.

Whistling wind
Long and loud.
Don't call us “the Wind”
The kitten?

"No, the old woman,"
The old man replies, -
The wind only trees dangle,
And the wall is at rest.
Not to mention if the kitten
“The wall”?

The old meets the old woman:
- You lost to old age hearing!
Now listen with me:
Hear a mouse rustling behind the wall?
Sharpening wood mouse-thief...
Not to mention if we cat “Mouse”?

"No, the old woman,"
The old man replies, -
Cat mouse with the skin eats.
So, the cat
Stronger a little bit!
Not to mention if we cat?..