Adventure on the road Poem by Marshak for children

On the pavement,
Having dusted,
Was the cargo

It rolled children
Serge with his brother Peter.
And nearby, guarding the baggage,
Sat grandmother and mother.

Watched passengers
On the dark forest in the distance.
From a city apartment
To the country they were lucky.

To the country, to the country,
Panting, kicking up dust,
On hot pavement
Ran the car.

Grumbled grandmother in a dream,
Trying to be stricter:
- Spoil, Peter, the gramophone!
Leave the cat, Serge!

In a big basket cat sat
Pillows lined,
And suspiciously looked
The rod in the hand of Sergey.

Was this cat is hairy and red,
Not simple kind.
The last time he caught a mouse
Ago three years.

But then, alarmed by the rod,
He climbed out of the basket,
Jumped up on the table, waved his tail
And - jump overboard machine!

No one did not expect,
What will he do sports...
Serge first saw
And cried: " cat overboard!

Cried Granny: - the Driver!.. -
The driver drove around a puddle,
Calmly turned off the motor
And looked out.

Now a grandmother, and mother,
And Peter and Serge
The cat went to look.
The driver went too.

The cat is not seen? asked
A Passer-By Serezha.
- In Moscow went! "objected
Impressive passer-by.

Played pupils in football.
One, blinking slyly,
Said Left cat went. -
Another said, " Right.

Snuck in a suburban garden
Through the fence Serge.
There on the pine he glanced
And saw - whom?

Sat on the branch of the red cat.
He listened to the chirping bird
And was waiting for the claws will get
Ever the prey.

Called Serezha: - Puss-puss-puss! -
But the cat peeling did not think down.

Up he climbed,
Neighboring birds disturbing...
And Petya thought the cat had disappeared.
Now disappeared Serge.

I'll try to find!",
Went to look for it brother.
Walking and sees along the way:
Stolen cat furry.

Chased Pete the cat,
Yes a little late:
Fluffy cat in a nearby house
Slipped away through the window.

Left Peter at the door
And wearily sat down on a stump,
Deciding to wait for the fugitive
No matter what it was.

The driver complains to his mother:
- There goes Serge,
And Peter began to search for
And lost too!

Went in search of the driver,
Entered the gates of the house
And accidentally got into the yard,
Where lived an old friend.

The old grass in the garden is mowed
And, trembling cough,
The driver whispered:
This cat is not yours?

The driver looks: shaggy cat
Sitting on the hill, as if waiting
And sedately licks paw.

"It must be ours! - said the driver.
And suddenly ran up on the hillside,
Grabbed the cat in his arms.

On the pavement the driver goes,
And here is Serge.
The one under the mouse, the cat,
And the other too.

Comes Peter out of the gate,
Running to the car directly.
In the hands of the Petit - third cat.
Cat bears and Mama.

The gray - haired grandmother, and that
Carries under his arm cat.

Good cat, fluffy cat,
Yes, unfortunately, is not the same...
And he sits in the basket
On a truck.

He walked through the streets,
For Breakfast eat a frog
And hastened back to himself
On the soft pillow.

On the pavement,
Having dusted,
Was the cargo