About the hippopotamus Poem by Marshak for children

He persuaded me and mom
To wait for the weekend
And show GI-GI-topama...
No, Ki-Popo-Toto-papama...
No, Ki-goto-Popo-potoma...
Let mom will say for me!

Entered the open gate
And we ran together
Look at the guy... on the Hippo!
We often his name.

He names his doesn't know:
No call, anyway
He's out of the water doesn't get out,
Lies like a wet log.

We had no luck today with my mother.
We waited a whole hour.
And he from the bottom of a deep pit
Didn't notice, it must be us.

He was smooth, thick-skinned,
In the sand, burying my head
On the skin of the ham similar
In a large bowl of soup.

On the whole days from the reservoir
He's not out there fresh.
- He has office hours? -
We asked the guards.

Yes, there are hours of eating.
We feed on the clock. -
And suddenly, shining like the top,
Rose himself

Must be, he got wet
Brains from regular baths,
The eyes are set in binoculars,
And the mouth is open like a suitcase.

He looked standing next
Guests uninvited their
The bars turned backwards,
Slightly bent over and plop!

I think the Hippo
Name is so hard for
To guard from the deep pit
Seldom caused it!..