Rainbow-arc Poem by Marshak for children

Sun spring with rain
Build a rainbow together -
Seven-colored semicircle
Of the seven broad arcs.

There the sun and rain
Not a single nail,
And it was built in two accounts
Celestial gate.

Rainbow arch
Blazed up brightly,
Painted on the grass,
Was painted blue.

Shines the rainbow arc.
Through it visible meadows.
And on the far meadow -
Field, plowed plow.
And for the field through the fog -
Only the sea-ocean,
Only sea blue
With the white foam of the surf.

That's from rainbow gate
To us comes the dance,
Runs out from under the arch,
All the earth shall bear gifts.

And something which is not here!
The first sheet and the first color,
The first mushroom and the first thunder,
Rain, bright silver,
The days are growing, and the night -
Whatever the day, then shorter.

Hey guys, soon
Go out of doors
The fields, forests and parks
Get your gifts!

Soon, soon
Vybegal of doors,
On the grass barefoot,
Straight to the sky walk.

Patty cake!
Patty cake!
The rainbow
On one leg,
Down the rainbow-top -
And land upside down!