Colorful book Poem by Marshak for children

Green page
This page is green,
Therefore, it is permanent in the summer.
If fit I could,
I would lay down this page.

Roam in the grass the Golden insects.
All blue as turquoise,
Village, swaying, on the Corolla chamomile,
Like the color plane, the dragonfly.

Here is a dark red ladybug
The back of his dividing in half,
Raised wings transparent deftly
And flew on important matters.

That's the same dresses as sisters,
Butterfly sat down in the grass to relax.
Then close the book motley,
Then, opening, rush again.

Blue page
And this page is the sea,
It will not see the land.
Steep wave breaking,
Pass it ships.

Dolphins flicker like shadows,
Wandering starfish,
And leaves of aquatic plants
Dangle, like the wind, the water.

At the bottom of this blue page
Dark as the depths of the seas.
Here fish are able to glow
In the darkness, with no lights...

Yellow page
You like guys
Pour the sand.
In the hands of your shovel,
Bucket and scoop.

As the Golden thread,
You fist
Running a jet of thick
Cool sand.

Garden road
Covered by sand.
But bad if a lot of
Sand lying around!

Yellow page -
Desert country.
Sand it spins,
Rushing, like a wave.

Out of nowhere,
No one knows where
Wander on her camels,
Steppe trains.

Are they in the camp
The music calls.
Lying trees
Grow among the Sands.

Leafless branches
To dry land bent
Tenacious and prickly
Shrub - Crowfoot.

And the wind carries the clouds
Hot sand.
Is sand flying
On the attack, troops...

But people will stop
They channel serves
For blue waters of the river,-

So in the steppes of wheat
High grown,
That yellow page
Green was!

White page
This snow page.
Now it was the Fox,
Without a trace tail.

Then skipping down the page
On a clear day, walked birds,
Leaving a trail cross.

Here drove skids
And sparkles in the cold
Silver smooth trail.

There on the morning porose
Imprinted overshoes,-
It roam grandson and grandfather.

The circuit traces on the snow surface
Still, as a string.
In a clean, brand new notebook
The first student.

Red page
This page
The red color.

Red sun.
Red summer.

Red square
Flags paddles.

What in the world
Better and more beautiful?

That the children did
Fun guys!

Night page
Before you - a page a night.
The capital city is shrouded in darkness.
Go on vacation trams,
Trolleybuses run home.

Hurry in for the night pedestrians,
Never see the guys.
And only stations, factories,
Watch and machines don't sleep.

Slide the lights in the alley,
Descending from Moscow hills,
And with every minute dimmer
Countless open houses.

Meeting at all intersections,
Running lights across the bridge.
And the sky over the city - in-sequin
Distant, hardly visible stars.

Over the old crenellated wall,
Over all Soviet country
The lights are on, like the lights of a ship,
Rubies on the Kremlin towers.