The tale about the clever little mouse Poem by Marshak for children

Took the mouse cat
And sings: " don't be afraid, baby.
Play for an hour or two
In cat and mouse, dear!

Frightened half asleep,
She answers the mouse:
In cat and mouse our mother
Not told us to play.

- Moore-Moore-Moore - purring cat, -
Play buddy, a little bit. -
And the little mouse in her response:
- I have no hunting.

Played I would a little bit,
Only, let I be a cat.
You, the cat, at least for an hour
The mouse be this time!

Laughed the cat Murka:
Oh, smoky skin!
As you call,
The mouse the cat not to be.

Says the mouse Murka:
"Well then, let's play blindman's buff!
Tie in the eyes with a handkerchief
And catch me then.

Her cat eyes,
But looking from under the bandage,
Give the mouse to run
And again the poor - Bang!

He says sly cat:
I tired legs,
Give me, please, a little bit
I lie down and rest.

- Well, - said the cat,"
Rest, tor-grass, rough,
Let's play, and then
I love you, darling, eat!

Cat - the laughter, the mouse - mount...
But he found a gap in the fence.
Did not know, as I climbed.
Was the mouse - Yes gone!

Right, left, looks cat:
- Meow-meow, where are you, baby? -
And the little mouse in her response:
Where was I Oh no!

It has swept from the hill,
He saw a small hole.
In this mink lived animal -
Long, narrow ferret.

Spiketooth, AstroPay,
He was a thief and prolate
And, sometimes, every day
Stole chickens from villages.

Here come the ferret hunting,
A guest asks: " Who are you?
Kohl got into my cave
Here is my game!

In cat and mouse, or blindman's buff?
Says the mouse nimble.
"No, not at blindman's buff. We, ferrets,
More like "corners".

"Well, let's play, but first
Will postitems, perhaps:

I am the animal,
And you're the animal,
I am a little mouse,
You're a ferret,
You sly,
And I'm smart,
Who is smart,
He has gone out!

- Stop! screaming ferret little mouse
And runs after him,
And the mouse - right in the forest
And under the old stump climbed.

Began to call the mouse protein:
- Come out to play in the burner!
"I have, " he says,"
Without playing back lit!

At this time the track
There was a creature more terrifying cats,
Was on the brush it is similar.
It was, of course, the hedgehog.

And walked towards the woman
All the needles, as a dressmaker.

Cried the little mouse hedgehog:
From hedgehogs will you leave!
Here comes my mistress,
With her tag play-ka,
And with me in the mess.
Come out soon, I'm waiting!

And the little mouse heard this,
Yes thought never came.
- I do not want to leapfrog, -
On the needles will fall!

Waited a long time for a hedgehog with a woman,
And the mouse quietly
Along the path between the bushes
Slipped and was gone!

He ran to the edge.
Hear croaking frogs:
- Guard! The trouble! Kwa-kwa!
To us here flying owl!

Looked the mouse: rushes
Whether cat, or bird,
All speckled, bill hook,
The colorful feathers upright.

And his eyes burn like bowls, -
Twice the cats.

The mouse froze spirit.
He huddled under the burdock.

And owl - closer, closer,
And owl - all below, below
Screaming in the silence of the night:
"Come and play, my friend, with me!

Squeaked the mouse: - hide and seek?
And ran without looking back,
Disappeared into the crop.
Not find the owl.

Until the morning of owl was looking for.
From thunder to see stopped.
Village, old, oak
And the eyes of a loop da loop.

And he washed the stigma
Without water and without soap
And went to search his house.
Where is survived by his mother with his father.

He went, went, went up on the hill
And at the bottom he saw a mink.

So-and-so glad the mouse-mother!
Well the mouse to hug!
And sisters and brothers
Play with him in a mouse-of a mouse.