A quiet tale Poem by Marshak for children

This tale you will read
Quietly, quietly, quietly...
There were grey the hedgehog
And his woman.

Grey hedgehog was very quiet
And the woman too.
And the child was with them
Very quiet hedgehog.

The whole family goes for a walk
At night along the tracks
Hedgehog-the father, the woman-mother
And the baby hedgehog.

Along the deaf autumn trails
Go quietly: top top top.

Sleeps a long time the people of the forest.
Sleeping and beast and bird.
But in the darkness, in the silence of night,
Two wolves can't sleep.

Now go on looting
Quiet step wolves...
Heard them Jerzy,
Raised needles.

Steel round as a ball, -
No head, no legs.
They say: - Head hide,
Shisa, cute hedgehog!

Hedgehog cringed upright
Raised hundred of igol...
Spun wolf,
Whined began to twitch.

Paw - sense, teeth - click,
And afraid to bite.
Walked away, limping, wolf,
Came the wolf.

Twirls of a hedgehog it:
He circle back.
Where is the neck, the belly,
The nose and both ears?..

She began to roll
The ball on the road.
And Jerzy father and mother
Prick the wolf's legs.

Eiichi and hedgehog
Needles, like a Christmas tree.
Put and trembling,
Retreating wolves.

Whisper hedgehog hedgehogs:
"You don't move, lay.
We wolves do not believe.
Yes and you don't believe them!

It would have not gone soon
Home wolves,
Yes was heard in the distance
A shot from a shotgun.

The dog barked and paused...
Says wolf wolf:

Something feels bad to me.
I would also cringe.
Will I hide, the old woman,
The nose and tail, under belly!

And she answered him:
- Throw empty talk!
I with thee there
No needles.
Us Forester will take alive.
Best time to go!

And left their tails between their legs
The wolf and the wolf in the bushes.

In the house of the forest will return the hedgehog,
The hedgehog and the woman,
If the tale you will read