Baleen-striped Poem by Marshak for children

Once there was a girl. What was her name?
Who called,
And he knew.
And you don't know.

As she was about?
How many winters,
So many years,
Forty yet.
And just four years.

She was... Who she was?
All striped.
Who is this? The kitten.

Was the girl kitten to sleep to lay.

Are you under the back
Soft furthermore.

A danger foreseen is half on top
A clean sheet.

Here's to your ears
White pillows.

The blanket on the Pooh
And the handkerchief on top.

Put the kitten and went to dinner.

Comes back, " what?

The tail on the pillow,
On the sheet - ears.

Is this the way to sleep?
Turned it kitten, put, as it should:

Under the back -
A danger foreseen is half.

A danger foreseen is half -

Under ears
The pillows.

And she went to dinner.
Come again, what is?

No perinci,
No sheet,
No pillows
Not see,
And whiskered,
Under the bed.

Is this the way to sleep? That's what a silly kitten!

Wanted girl kitten for sale.

The piece
And washcloth
And water
In the tea

Didn't want the kitten to wash -
Knocked it circa
And in the corner for a chest
Washes the foot of the language.

That's what a silly kitten!

The child was to teach the kitten to say:

- Cat, say me-chick.
And he says: meow!

- Say: lo-shade.
And he says: meow!

- Say: uh-Lek-three-four-STV.
And he says: meow-meow!

All "meow" Yes "meow"! That's what a silly kitten!

Was the girl kitten to feed.

Brought oat porridge -
Turned it from a Cup.

Brought him radish -
Turned it from a bowl.

Brought a piece of bacon.
Says the kitten: - Malo!

That's what a silly kitten!

No in house mice, and there was a lot of pencils.
They lay on the table and dad got the kitten paws.
As he rushed skipping,
pencil caught like a mouse,

And let it roll -
From under the chair, under the bed,
From the table to the stool,
From the chest to the bar.
Push - and DAC-dust, shock, scratches!
And then drove under the bookcase.

Waiting on the Mat in the closet,
Crouched, almost breathlessly...
Short cat paw -
Not to get pencil!

That's what a silly kitten!

'd wrapped the girl kitten scarf
and went with him to the garden.

People ask:
"Who are you?
And the girl says:
Is my daughter.
People ask:
- Why does your daughter gray cheeks?
And the girl says:
- She has not bathed.
People ask:
Why her furry paws and whiskers, like a Pope?
Girl says:
- She has not shaved.

And the kitten as POPs up as run -
all and saw that it was a kitten
baleen, striped.
That's what a silly kitten!

And then,
And then
Was he a smart cat,

And the girl, too, has grown, it has become even smarter
and studying in the first grade, one hundred first school.