Fomka Poem by Marshak for children

In front of the pool at the zoo -
Bear wet footprints -
With a heavy splash in the hot noon
Bear out of the water.

Even in the bones, it is very thin,
Still and small growth.
He's not a bear, a bear,
But white, like an old man.

Easily recognized by the white skin
The tramp of ice fields.
He had heard the whistling winter storm
By far his homeland.

Met with Blizzard and the wind,
Sleeping with the mother on the ice.
Now it was called Facoi
And forced to live in the garden.

Here he sleeps not on the ice,
On the paved hill.
He is alarmed by the cry of the peacock,
The tiger's roar at the dawn.

He looks cool shade in the afternoon
And, not finding it anywhere,
Yearning boredom and laziness,
Silently drops to the water.

Growling at the guard softly...
But not roar, come winter,
Return Blizzard and drifting -
And will you not already Fomka,
And the mothers bear Thomas!