The Circus Poem by Marshak for children

For the first time in the arena
For students of the Moscow
Scientists seals,
Dancing lions.

Dogs acrobats,
Tightrope Walker-elephant,
World champion.

Only in the world
Throw weights,
As baby balls.

The pony.

The output of the fighter
Ivan Cucumber.
Hilarious scene,
Cheap rates.
Full fees.
A huge success.

Chair-fifty dollars.
More expensive.
Output back -
For all!


The program begins!
Two hand hippopotamus,
Shared first prize,
Perform the waltz-Caprice.


Four hands monkey
He plays piano.

Here, tumbling on the saddle,
Rushing poodle on a donkey.


The wire lady
Goes like a telegram.


Rabbits, sable and squirrel
Beat in the timpani and cymbals.

Waving his wand penguin,
Citizen of the polar ice.

In a black tuxedo penguin dressed,
In a white tie and vest.

With two sides to him raccoons
I go through the notes.


Teeth hanging gymnast,
What he toothy!

That would gymnast
Sell toothpaste!


Mademoiselle Fricassee
On one wheel.


Managed people in the circus
To teach the bear washing.
And sea turtle -
Iron mytou shirt.


Here are elephant, Indian tour,
Tightrope Walker and juggler.

Throws right
And he catches a joke
Porcelain vase,
Two lamps and a child.


White jester and jester red
Conversation this are:

- Where did you buy you, Signor,
This red tomato?

- Here's a rude question!
This is my own nose.


A Negro Woman Mary Gray -
The trainer of animals.

That's opened the cell door.
Each other are beasts.

Mary snaps the whip.
The lion has a tail angrily.

Mary asks Leo:
"What is two times two?

Leo carries four weights.
It means that twice two makes four!